Laurie Z.'s "Roots " and "Heart of the Holidays " recordings have been added to the permanent collection of the U.S. Library of Congress!




PDF downloads of Sheet Music for "Sunrise" and "Roots - The Solo Piano Songbook" are now available via   




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Michael Dulin's tribute to Laurie via CDBaby

Michael Dulin's song “Chasing The Wind,” on his recording entitled "Follow The River", is a tribute piece to Laurie.  


Bob Baker’s Tribute to Laurie Z. 


Zebra Productions on YouTube 


Laurie Z. on YouTube  - Videos of many performances


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Here is a fan’s blog entry that mentions Laurie’s music.  


Jess Anderson  - Jess Anderson is an artist specializing in realism in oils, and painted the Heart of the Holidays album cover. Jess’s love of art extends not only to canvas but also to music and restoration design. He and his do-wop quartet do a History of Rock and Roll and oldies music show.  - Kathy Parsons was the primary writer for the Solo Piano Publications website for many years, and has made  even more comprehensive with new features and a broader range of music.


Author and motivational speaker, Sheryl Roush, has a book entitled Heart of the Holidays and comments on Laurie Z.’s Heart of the Holidays on her website.  Click here to visit Sheryl's website. 


WorldSound Productions  - A music company serving musicians and artists including Laurie Z.

Musician's Resources Sites:


AirPlay Direct  — A service that delivers music and artist press kits to music industry professionals around the world.


Bob Baker's Indie Music Marketing Resources  - Bob Baker offers some great information and resources (and great links, too!) for independent musicians.


CD Baby Podcast  -  A podcast dedicated to the "Do It Yourself" Musician.


Creative Musicians Coalition  - Highly recommended to explore interesting new music and interviews.


Electronic Musician  - Another great magazine with useful tips for independent and performing musicians.



Keyboard Magazine  - Besides being a great keyboard information resource, if you search the back issues for Laurie Z., you'll find the cover article in which she's featured!



Music Connection  - Music Connection is a music trade magazine that has been around for over 35 years. Offering coverage for up-and-coming musicians and major label artists alike.


Music, Movies and Computer Software Copyrights


Musicians On Call seeks to raise awareness of the beneficial effects of music and entertainment for people in healthcare facilities.


The Purple Songs Can Fly Project is a musical outlet for children being treated for cancer and blood disorders. The children's songs are copied on purple CDs and flown by participating passengers, pilots or astronauts to places on earth and into space.

"As the dreams, wishes, thoughts, feelings, and imaginations of these children take wing through the creativity of music, it is the vision of Purple Songs Can Fly that soaring, flying, and rising above the obstacles of illness can truly become a reality as each purple song that flies creates a tangible symbol for the hope of healing."


SoundExchange  – SoundExchange collects and distributes public performance revenues for sound recording copyright owners (SRCOs) and artists for noninteractive digital transmissions on cable, satellite and webcast services.


Taxi  - The Independent A&R Vehicle that connects unsigned artists, bands and songwriters with major record labels, publishers, and film & TV music supervisors. Your source for songwriting tips, songwriter resources, songwriting articles, and song writing techniques.


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Blues guitar lessons 
Learn to play blues guitar at home using Steve Krenz's DVD blues guitar lessons.


Christian Faith Music 
Original Christian Faith Music Songs and Lryics. Listen Live to Original Songs of Christian Faith, Relaxing and Uplifting, from Songwriter Singer David Brauner. 


Local Color: A film by George Gallo - Website  / YouTube 

For those who don't know the backstory in the making of this wonderful film, it is a film that Julie Gallo, family and friends produced themselves — without help from the film industry. It is a beautiful film based on events in the life of Julie's husband, George Gallo



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